AWSAutoScalingLaunchTemplate Class Reference

Inherits from AWSModel : AWSMTLModel
Declared in AWSAutoScalingModel.h


Describes a launch template and overrides.

The overrides are used to override the instance type specified by the launch template with multiple instance types that can be used to launch On-Demand Instances and Spot Instances.


The launch template to use. You must specify either the launch template ID or launch template name in the request.

@property (nonatomic, strong) AWSAutoScalingLaunchTemplateSpecification *launchTemplateSpecification

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Any parameters that you specify override the same parameters in the launch template. Currently, the only supported override is instance type. You must specify between 2 and 20 overrides.

@property (nonatomic, strong) NSArray<AWSAutoScalingLaunchTemplateOverrides*> *overrides

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