AWSDynamoDBObjectMapperSaveBehavior Constants Reference

Declared in AWSDynamoDBObjectMapper.h


Enumeration of behaviors for the save operation.


 Unknown SaveBehavior.

Declared In AWSDynamoDBObjectMapper.h.

 `AWSDynamoDBObjectMapperSaveBehaviorUpdate` will not affect unmodeled
 attributes on a save operation and a nil value for the modeled attribute
 will remove it from that item in DynamoDB.
 By default, the mapper uses `AWSDynamoDBObjectMapperSaveBehaviorUpdate`.

Declared In AWSDynamoDBObjectMapper.h.

 `AWSDynamoDBObjectMapperSaveBehaviorUpdateSkipNullAttributes` is similar
 to `AWSDynamoDBObjectMapperSaveBehaviorUpdate`, except that it
 ignores any null value attribute(s) and will NOT remove them from
 that item in DynamoDB. It also guarantees to send only one single
 updateItem request, no matter the object is key-only or not.

Declared In AWSDynamoDBObjectMapper.h.

 `AWSDynamoDBObjectMapperSaveBehaviorAppendSet` treats scalar attributes
 (String, Number, Binary) the same as
 `AWSDynamoDBObjectMapperSaveBehaviorUpdateSkipNullAttributes` does.
 However, for set attributes, it will append to the existing attribute
 value, instead of overriding it. Caller needs to make sure that the
 modeled attribute type matches the existing set type, otherwise it would
 result in a service exception.

Declared In AWSDynamoDBObjectMapper.h.

 `AWSDynamoDBObjectMapperSaveBehaviorClobber` will clear and replace all
 attributes, included unmodeled ones, (delete and recreate) on save.
 Versioned field constraints will also be disregarded.

Declared In AWSDynamoDBObjectMapper.h.

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