The following protocols are available globally.

  • Defines the location of the media URL in a notification payload.

    Conform to this protocol to define notification payload formats for use with AUNotificationService. It is not necessary to define the full message schema. Defining the subset of the message that contains the remote media URL is sufficient. See PinpointNotificationPayload for an example.

    Supported Media Types:

    Audio - 5MB max

    • kUTTypeAudioInterchangeFileFormat
    • kUTTypeWaveformAudio
    • kUTTypeMP3
    • kUTTypeMPEG4Audio

    Image - 10 MB max

    • kUTTypeJPEG
    • kUTTypeGIF
    • kUTTypePNG

    Movie - 50 MB max

    • kUTTypeMPEG
    • kUTTypeMPEG2Video
    • kUTTypeMPEG4
    • kUTTypeAVIMovie
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    public protocol AUNotificationPayload : Decodable