@interface AWSAutoScalingPredefinedMetricSpecification

Represents a predefined metric for a target tracking scaling policy to use with Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling.

Required parameters: [PredefinedMetricType]

  • The metric type. The following predefined metrics are available:

    • ASGAverageCPUUtilization - Average CPU utilization of the Auto Scaling group.

    • ASGAverageNetworkIn - Average number of bytes received on all network interfaces by the Auto Scaling group.

    • ASGAverageNetworkOut - Average number of bytes sent out on all network interfaces by the Auto Scaling group.

    • ALBRequestCountPerTarget - Number of requests completed per target in an Application Load Balancer target group.



    @property (assign, readwrite, nonatomic)
        AWSAutoScalingMetricType predefinedMetricType;


    var predefinedMetricType: AWSAutoScalingMetricType { get set }
  • Identifies the resource associated with the metric type. You can’t specify a resource label unless the metric type is ALBRequestCountPerTarget and there is a target group attached to the Auto Scaling group.

    The format is app/load-balancer-name/load-balancer-id/targetgroup/target-group-name/target-group-id, where

    • app/load-balancer-name/load-balancer-id is the final portion of the load balancer ARN, and

    • targetgroup/target-group-name/target-group-id is the final portion of the target group ARN.



    @property (readwrite, strong, nonatomic) NSString *_Nullable resourceLabel;


    var resourceLabel: String? { get set }