@protocol AWSCognitoIdentityMultiFactorAuthentication <NSObject>
 Obtain mfa code from the end user
 @param authenticationInput details about the deliveryMedium and masked destination for where the code was sent
 @param mfaCodeCompletionSource set mfaCodeCompletionSource.result with the mfa code from end user
-(void) getMultiFactorAuthenticationCode: (AWSCognitoIdentityMultifactorAuthenticationInput *) authenticationInput mfaCodeCompletionSource: (AWSTaskCompletionSource<NSString *> *) mfaCodeCompletionSource;
 This step completed, usually either display an error to the end user or dismiss ui
 @param error the error if any that occured
-(void) didCompleteMultifactorAuthenticationStepWithError:(NSError* _Nullable) error;