@interface AWSTranscribeModelSettings


class AWSTranscribeModelSettings

Provides the name of the custom language model that was included in the specified transcription job.

Only use ModelSettings with the LanguageModelName sub-parameter if you’re not using automatic language identification (). If using LanguageIdSettings in your request, this parameter contains a LanguageModelName sub-parameter.

  • The name of the custom language model you want to use when processing your transcription job. Note that language model names are case sensitive.

    The language of the specified language model must match the language code you specify in your transcription request. If the languages don’t match, the language model isn’t applied. There are no errors or warnings associated with a language mismatch.



    @property (nonatomic, strong) NSString *_Nullable languageModelName;


    var languageModelName: String? { get set }