@interface AWSEC2SpotCapacityRebalance


class AWSEC2SpotCapacityRebalance

The Spot Instance replacement strategy to use when Amazon EC2 emits a signal that your Spot Instance is at an elevated risk of being interrupted. For more information, see Capacity rebalancing in the Amazon EC2 User Guide for Linux Instances.

  • The replacement strategy to use. Only available for fleets of type maintain. You must specify a value, otherwise you get an error.

    To allow Spot Fleet to launch a replacement Spot Instance when an instance rebalance notification is emitted for a Spot Instance in the fleet, specify launch.

    When a replacement instance is launched, the instance marked for rebalance is not automatically terminated. You can terminate it, or you can leave it running. You are charged for all instances while they are running.



    @property (nonatomic) AWSEC2ReplacementStrategy replacementStrategy;


    var replacementStrategy: AWSEC2ReplacementStrategy { get set }