@interface AWSElasticLoadBalancingQueryStringConditionConfig


class AWSElasticLoadBalancingQueryStringConditionConfig

Information about a query string condition.

The query string component of a URI starts after the first ‘?’ character and is terminated by either a ‘#’ character or the end of the URI. A typical query string contains key/value pairs separated by ‘&’ characters. The allowed characters are specified by RFC 3986. Any character can be percentage encoded.

  • The key/value pairs or values to find in the query string. The maximum size of each string is 128 characters. The comparison is case insensitive. The following wildcard characters are supported: * (matches 0 or more characters) and ? (matches exactly 1 character). To search for a literal ‘*’ or ‘?’ character in a query string, you must escape these characters in Values using a ‘' character.

    If you specify multiple key/value pairs or values, the condition is satisfied if one of them is found in the query string.



    @property (nonatomic, strong) NSArray<AWSElasticLoadBalancingQueryStringKeyValuePair *> *_Nullable values;


    var values: [AWSElasticLoadBalancingQueryStringKeyValuePair]? { get set }