@interface AWSKMSXksKeyConfigurationType


class AWSKMSXksKeyConfigurationType

Information about the external key that is associated with a KMS key in an external key store.

This element appears in a CreateKey or DescribeKey response only for a KMS key in an external key store.

The external key is a symmetric encryption key that is hosted by an external key manager outside of Amazon Web Services. When you use the KMS key in an external key store in a cryptographic operation, the cryptographic operation is performed in the external key manager using the specified external key. For more information, see External key in the Key Management Service Developer Guide.

  • The ID of the external key in its external key manager. This is the ID that the external key store proxy uses to identify the external key.



    @property (nonatomic, strong) NSString *_Nullable identifier;


    var identifier: String? { get set }