@interface AWSLocationDataSourceConfiguration


class AWSLocationDataSourceConfiguration

Specifies the data storage option chosen for requesting Places.

When using Amazon Location Places:

  • If using HERE Technologies as a data provider, you can’t store results for locations in Japan by setting IntendedUse to Storage. parameter.

  • Under the MobileAssetTracking or MobilAssetManagement pricing plan, you can’t store results from your place index resources by setting IntendedUse to Storage. This returns a validation exception error.

For more information, see the AWS Service Terms for Amazon Location Service.

  • Specifies how the results of an operation will be stored by the caller.

    Valid values include:

    • SingleUse specifies that the results won’t be stored.

    • Storage specifies that the result can be cached or stored in a database.

    Default value: SingleUse



    @property (nonatomic) AWSLocationIntendedUse intendedUse;


    var intendedUse: AWSLocationIntendedUse { get set }