@interface AWSRekognitionDatasetChanges


class AWSRekognitionDatasetChanges

Describes updates or additions to a dataset. A Single update or addition is an entry (JSON Line) that provides information about a single image. To update an existing entry, you match the source-ref field of the update entry with the source-ref filed of the entry that you want to update. If the source-ref field doesn’t match an existing entry, the entry is added to dataset as a new entry.

Required parameters: [GroundTruth]

  • A Base64-encoded binary data object containing one or JSON lines that either update the dataset or are additions to the dataset. You change a dataset by calling UpdateDatasetEntries. If you are using an AWS SDK to call UpdateDatasetEntries, you don’t need to encode Changes as the SDK encodes the data for you.

    For example JSON lines, see Image-Level labels in manifest files and and Object localization in manifest files in the Amazon Rekognition Custom Labels Developer Guide.



    @property (nonatomic, strong) NSData *_Nullable groundTruth;


    var groundTruth: Data? { get set }