@interface AWSRekognitionSearchedFaceDetails


class AWSRekognitionSearchedFaceDetails

Contains data regarding the input face used for a search.

  • Structure containing attributes of the face that the algorithm detected.

    A FaceDetail object contains either the default facial attributes or all facial attributes. The default attributes are BoundingBox, Confidence, Landmarks, Pose, and Quality.

    GetFaceDetection is the only Amazon Rekognition Video stored video operation that can return a FaceDetail object with all attributes. To specify which attributes to return, use the FaceAttributes input parameter for StartFaceDetection. The following Amazon Rekognition Video operations return only the default attributes. The corresponding Start operations don’t have a FaceAttributes input parameter:

    • GetCelebrityRecognition

    • GetPersonTracking

    • GetFaceSearch

    The Amazon Rekognition Image DetectFaces and IndexFaces operations can return all facial attributes. To specify which attributes to return, use the Attributes input parameter for DetectFaces. For IndexFaces, use the DetectAttributes input parameter.



    @property (nonatomic, strong) AWSRekognitionFaceDetail *_Nullable faceDetail;


    var faceDetail: AWSRekognitionFaceDetail? { get set }