public enum ModelListProviderState<Element> where Element : Model

State of the ListProvider


Although this has public access, it is intended for internal & codegen use and should not be used directly by host applications. The behavior of this may change without warning. Though it is not used by host application making any change to these public types should be backward compatible, otherwise it will be a breaking change.
  • If the list represents an association between two models, the associatedIdentifiers will hold the information necessary to query the associated elements (e.g. comments of a post)

    The associatedFields represents the field to which the owner of the List is linked to. For example, if Post.comments is associated with the List<Comment> of Post will have a reference to the post field in Comment.



    case notLoaded(associatedIdentifiers: [String], associatedFields: [String])
  • Declaration


    case loaded([Element])