public protocol APICategoryInterceptorBehavior

A URLRequestInterceptor accepts a request and returns a request. It is invoked during the “prepare” phase of an API operation.

A URLRequestInterceptor may use the request as a data source for some other operation (e.g., metrics or logging), or use it as the source for preparing a new request that will be used to fulfill the operation. For example, a URLRequestInterceptor may add custom headers to the request for authorization.

URLRequestInterceptors are invoked in the order in which they are added to the plugin.

  • Adds a URLRequestInterceptor to the chain of interceptors invoked during the “prepare” phase of an API operation. The Operation’s URLRequest will be passed to each interceptor in turn, and each interceptor will have the option to return a modified request to the next member of the chain.



    func add(interceptor: URLRequestInterceptor, for apiName: String) throws