@interface AWSConnectPhoneNumberStatus


class AWSConnectPhoneNumberStatus

The status of the phone number.

  • CLAIMED means the previous ClaimPhoneNumber or UpdatePhoneNumber operation succeeded.

  • IN_PROGRESS means a ClaimPhoneNumber, UpdatePhoneNumber, or UpdatePhoneNumberMetadata operation is still in progress and has not yet completed. You can call DescribePhoneNumber at a later time to verify if the previous operation has completed.

  • FAILED indicates that the previous ClaimPhoneNumber or UpdatePhoneNumber operation has failed. It will include a message indicating the failure reason. A common reason for a failure may be that the TargetArn value you are claiming or updating a phone number to has reached its limit of total claimed numbers. If you received a FAILED status from a ClaimPhoneNumber API call, you have one day to retry claiming the phone number before the number is released back to the inventory for other customers to claim.