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AWS Amplify has a local event bus system called Hub. It is a lightweight implementation of Publisher-Subscriber pattern, and is used to share data between modules and components in your app.



import { Hub } from 'aws-amplify';

// or
import { Hub } from '@aws-amplify/core';

Working with the API


You can dispatch an event with dispatch function:

Hub.dispatch('auth', { event: 'signIn', data: user }, 'Auth');


You can subscribe to a channel with listen function:

import { Hub, Logger } from 'aws-amplify';

const logger = new Logger('MyClass');

class MyClass {
    constructor() {
        Hub.listen('auth', this, 'MyListener');

    // Default handler for listening events
    onHubCapsule(capsule) {
        const { channel, payload } = capsule;
        if (channel === 'auth') { onAuthEvent(payload); }

In order to capture event updates, you need to implement onHubCapsule handler function in your listener class.

Listening Authentication Events

AWS Amplify Authentication module publishes in auth channel when ‘signIn’, ‘signUp’, and ‘signOut’ events happen. You can create your listener to listen and act upon those event notifications.

import { Hub, Logger } from 'aws-amplify';

const alex = new Logger('Alexander_the_auth_watcher');

alex.onHubCapsule = (capsule) => {

    switch (capsule.payload.event) {
        case 'signIn':
            alex.error('user signed in'); //[ERROR] Alexander_the_auth_watcher - user signed in
        case 'signUp':
            alex.error('user signed up');
        case 'signOut':
            alex.error('user signed out');
        case 'signIn_failure':
            alex.error('user sign in failed');
        case 'configured':
            alex.error('the Auth module is configured');

Hub.listen('auth', alex);

API Reference

For the complete API documentation for Hub module, visit our API Reference