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Getting Started

This page is a guide to quickly build a cloud-powered web or React Native application with the Amplify Framework.

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What Does the Amplify Framework include?

  • The Amplify CLI toolchain for creating and managing a serverless backend, web hosting, and codegen
  • JavaScript, iOS, and Android libraries for simple access to your AWS resources using a category based programming model
  • Framework-specific UI component libraries for React, React Native, Angular, Ionic and Vue.

Amplify includes support for iOS and Android development.

How The Pieces of Amplify Work Together

At a high level, Amplify revolves around the ‘aws-exports’ file. This file is generated by the Amplify CLI, and contains information about the serverless resources you create with the CLI.

The Amplify Library then reads the JSON in this file when you pass it to the Amplify.configure method. Once the Amplify Library has been configured, it can access your AWS resources.

Finally, the Amplify UI components can then use the Amplify library to automatically perform tasks such as authentication, S3 uploads, etc.

You can use the Amplify CLI and the Amplify Library/UI Components separately, but they are most powerful when used together.


Install and configure the Amplify CLI

Step 1. Create a New App