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Getting Started

Build an app using the Amplify Framework which contains:

  • CLI toolchain for creating and managing your serverless backend
  • JavaScript, iOS, and Android libraries to access your resources using a category based programming model
  • Framework-specific UI component libraries for React, React Native, Angular, Ionic and Vue

Use the drop-down menu at the top right to choose your framework.

This page guides you through setting up a backend and integration into your web or React Native app. You will create a “Todo app” with a GraphQL API and to store and retrieve items in a cloud database, as well as receive updates over a realtime subscription using the API category. Alternatively the DataStore category can be used for local-first programming, offline access, and object sync with GraphQL.

GraphQL is a data language that was developed to enable apps to fetch data from APIs. It has a declarative, self-documenting style. In a GraphQL operation, the client specifies how to structure the data when it is returned by the server. This makes it possible for the client to query only for the data it needs, in the format that it needs it in.


Install and configure the Amplify CLI

Step 1. Create a New App